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"BOHR21: Niels Bohr for the 21st Century": Three PhD Positions in History and Philosophy of Physics, Biology and Science
Lunedì 22 Aprile 2024
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Three PhD positions are available at Utrecht University as part of Guido Bacciagaluppi's ERC Advanced Grant "BOHR21: Niels Bohr for the 21stCentury". Bohr has been hugely influential both in physics and outside physics, but he is also largely misunderstood, partly because a few of his writings have been overstudied at the expense of many others. This ERC project is devoted to his philosophical legacy. It will establish an unprejudiced understanding of Bohr, building on a current revival of interest in Bohr’s ideas in the philosophy of physics, and extending it among other things to his wider influence in other scientific disciplines, specifically in biology, and on general debates such as on science and objectivity.
Deadline for applications 22 April 2024. Starting date no later than 1 September 2024. For details and to apply please see:
Luogo Utrecht University