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Deadline: Celebration of 200 years since Sadi Carnot's Réflexions sur la puissance motrice du Feu, 1824–2024 & les Carnots
Martedì 20 Febbraio 2024
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International Colloquium Carnot 1824-2024 | In presence

Sadi Carnot 2024

Raffaele Pisano Received it as Kind Present by M. Thierry & Mme Caroline Carnot, direct descendants’ Carnot Family
The book is one of the original 600 copies published by Sadi Carnot in 1824, as archived at Carnot’s Family Chateau de Presles, Paris



Celebration of 200 years since Sadi Carnot's Réflexions sur la puissance motrice du Feu, 1824–2024 & les Carnots

Date & Venue
11-13 September 2024 {N.B.: Paris Time}, LILLIAD, University of Lille, France

Hosted by
 History of Physics and Applied Science & Technologies Team (HOPAST) at IEMN, France 
Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN), CNRS-University of Lille, France
LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation, University of Lille, France
University of Lille, France

Granted by
Istitute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN), CNRS-University of Lille, France
Culture Patrimoine Scientifique, University of Lille, France
Fondation Carnot
Association Française de Mécanique (AFM)
 Laboratoire de Mécanique, Multiphysique, Multiéchelle (LaMcube), CNRS-University of Lille, France

Patronage by
The French Académie des Sciences
Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI)

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